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Some highlights from my life ...

Moved to Seattle
(Psst .. it doesn't rain nearly as much as they say.)
Published my first iOS app
It counts things! Download it here.
Joined Curology
We’re hiring!
Got a bike with gears
Still have my trusty one-speed commuter, but decided to upgrade for longer rides. Unfortunately the upgrade also came with spandex shorts.
Joined Argive
Doubled down on software development after dabbling for a while.
Learned how to (actually) swim
Realized you have to slow down to go faster. There’s a shower thought in there somewhere.
Moved back to the Bay Area
- Menlo Park, to be exact. After the chaos of New York, it was actually quite nice. Then I got bored and moved back to San Francisco.
Traveled around for a bit
After a startup exit, I wasn't sure what to do next. So I stalled by wandering around Europe and Asia.
Ran a marathon
Glad I did it, but not in a rush to enter another one - except for maybe NYC.
Joined Matter
It's true what they say: a day at an early-stage startup is a month anywhere else.
Moved to New York City
Something about living there in your early 20s.
Joined management consulting
Opened my first dataset that crashed Excel. Got really good at deck-making and bag-packing.
Moved to San Francisco
Lucked out with a place two blocks south of the Lyon Street steps.
Got a B.A. in Political Science
Thought I was going to law school, but realized I did not want to be a lawyer. Therefore, I did not go to law school.
Worked in São Paulo, Brazil
Funded and advised social enterprises. Tried to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but settled with Portuñol.
Studied abroad in Santiago, Chile
Discovered avocado toast before it was cool. Also, climbed mountains and spoke Spanish. Did some studying too.
Volunteered in Quito, Ecuador
Partnered with a local children’s foundation. Also, ate way too many deep-fried, burrito-sized, dollar-a-piece empanadas.
Moved to Stanford
Got off the Caltrain and walked the wrong way down University Ave for a good five blocks.
Left the country for the first time
- on a whirlwind, hyper-supervised bus tour of Europe. 3/10 would recommend to a friend.
Was born
In sunny Los Angeles. Say what you want, but we have the best food.
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