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[ {

name: Feedsince,
tools: ['Web Extension', 'TypeScript']
desc: 'A Chrome extension that hides old tweets from your feed.',
}, {
name: Flights Unknown.,
tools: ['Gatsby Cloud', 'Sanity']
desc: 'Find flight deals departing from a city near you.',
name: Powerlift,
tools: ['RevenueCat', 'SwiftUI', 'UIKit']
desc: 'Powerlift makes quick barbell plate calculations so you can focus on your lifts and not worry about the math.',
name: Restricted Travel Map,
tools: ['Gatsby', 'Emotion']
desc: 'An interactive map that tracks travel restrictions due to COVID-19.',
name: Places SF,
tools: ['MapKit', 'SwiftUI', 'UIKit']
desc: 'Are you in on the secret? Download Places SF to explore dozens of privately-owned public spaces hidden throughout San Francisco.',
name: Session – Activity Timer,
tools: ['SwiftUI', 'UIKit']
desc: 'They say it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill, but who's counting? Now, you can with Session.',
name: WhatDateTimeIsItRightNow.com,
tools: ['Gatsby', 'Emotion']
desc: 'A site that tells you what date and time it is right now. (Try /expert mode!)',
name: JavaScript Fun,
tools: ['JavaScript'],
desc: 'A random assortment of toy projects and apps built with vanilla JavaScript.',
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